Claim Process

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Claims Process:


  • Click here to download a claim form, and here to get an explanatory example of the claim form.
  • It is very important that no columns or lines are added or deleted, as this sheet gets imported into our claims system.
  • Once the claim form is completed, it is to be emailed in Excel format to along with the levy statements and other supporting documents. The Insurer will immediately forward the claim to STILUS for assessment.
  •  No claims will be paid without the necessary supporting documentation.
  • The following documentation is needed in order to assess claims:


You are welcome to contact any of our experienced team members to assist you. If you have an Insurance policy with ONE and you wish to lodge a claim, please contact Estelle Sutherland at


Confirmation of claim payments are sent via email to the Managing Agent as well as Trustees.  Simply  email or phone STILUS about your requirements and our friendly staff will assist you.

ONE’s cashflow solution will massively improve the way your Body Corporate does business in the future. Although a Body Corporate is an entity which is created “not for gain”,  it does not mean that the trustees should not act as directors of a company with very strict rules of good and proper governance.  Remember, good governance is not a once off project, it is a practice that continues forever.