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Request for consent to issue a clearance certificate

In terms of legislation a  Levy Clearance Certificate may not be issued for any unit in a complex which is the subject matter of a claim without prior written consent. Should a certificate be issued in contravention of this condition, for any reason whatsoever, or should transfer of the unit concerned take place without prior payment to the Recovery Agency, the complex will become liable to pay the unpaid claim not yet recovered in terms of the Insurer’s subrogated rights. Although this should never happen, it sometimes does. It is awful when a Body Corporate must pay for something that it shouldn’t. The most vulnerable time is when trustees change to a managing agent who is unaware of the levy claim. This provision shall also remain in force after cancellation of the policy until written notice is issued to the Body Corporate that all claims have been fully recovered. For this reason trustees are encouraged to request a monthly report from STILUS in order to avoid this type of event from happening. For a small monthly fee per claim per month, STILUS will supply the trustees with an outstanding claim report to be sent to any number of trustees per month. 

This is a small price to pay to ensure that the Body Corporate will always be aware of their obligation to request a consent to issue a Levy Clearance Certificate.

To request the outstanding figures on a claim, you can send an email to